What is The Hunger Challenge?

A call to make a personal advocacy for children and youth by –
• committing to deny something of ourselves; to deny one’s need
• share/remit the peso amount to pro-children/youth advocacies
• post it in the Hunger Challenge website and in personal facebook account
• inviting his/her friends to take the Hunger Challenge

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  1. Choose a pro-youth/pro-children advocacy to support.
  2. Deny something of yourself. What will you be giving up?
  3. Share to the following foundations
    1. Your Kids My Kids Foundation, Inc (BDO SA#000-380-240-548)
    2. Working Hands Scholarship Foundation, Inc. (BPI SA# 0383-1319-28)
    3. Peace Works 103, Inc. (BPI CA# 1811-0010-89)
    4. Salesian Missions Inc (BDO SA# 213-00-117-44)
  4. Fill the form here

Once you have shared to your chosen advocacies:

  1. Please send us a copy of your deposit slip for acknowledgement purposes at thehungerchallenge@yahoo.com.ph
  2. Share your story here
  3. Invite your family and friends to take the Hunger Challenge.

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The Salesian Missions, Inc.

The Salesian Missions, Inc. was primarily established as a non-stock, non-profit religious institution that will engaged in evangelical and charitable works in the Philippines.

In September 1989, it was approved and registered by the Securities and Exchange Commission as a non-stock, non-profit corporation. Its main address is located in Section 5, Don Bosco & Mary Help of Christians Streets, Better Living...

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Working Hands
Scholarship Foundation

Workings Hands (WH) is a scholarship foundation that raises funds to send out-of-school youth to vocational training programs of Don Bosco Training Centers in the Philippines. Established in 1996 by young professionals as a concrete response to the papal visit of Manila in 1995. It pledged that it will support the less fortunate young people by providing them the opportunity to become young professionals also.

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Your Kids my Kids
Foundation, Inc.

YOUR KIDS MY KIDS FOUNDATION, INC. is about the power of a hungry child. His tummy cries out for help awakening compassion or kagandahang-loob in the heart of every ordinary Filipino.

In our society where poverty is a day-to-day struggle, children suffer the most. Poverty impacts directly on children’s physical and intellectual growth...

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PEACEWORKS103 (Catechetical and Formation Ministries for Youth)

NHA, Southville 7 Housing Project Barangay Dayap Calauan, Laguna is one of the relocation sites for the informal settlers (IFS) in the metropolis; settlers living near esteros, riverbanks, other floodwater areas (Malabon & the like) and the displaced families of typhoon “Ondoy”. Apart from the government’s rehabilitation plans, were private initiatives...

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Currently, there are 30 Members of the
Hunger Challenge. Meet them here...

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Nakataggap po ako ng imbitasyon para sa Hunger Challenge. Sa aking pag mumuni muni pinili ko po isang bagay na sa tlagang paborito ko gawin at ito ay ang pag papapedicure at foot spa. Buwan buwan isa po ito sa bagay/gawain na hindi ko puede palagpasin. Sabi ko nga dibale ng ndi ako makapag shopping ng bagong damit o makakain sa masasarap na restaurant wag lng ang pag papapedicure at foot spa dahil gusto ko po na laging maganda ang aking paa. Pero po ang banal na espiritu na ang nagbigay daan para gawin ko ang sakripisyo para sa mahihirap na kabataan na aking tinuturuan sa Calauan.

Hunger Challenger April 3, 2015