Your Kids My Kids Foundation, Inc.

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YOUR KIDS MY KIDS FOUNDATION, INC. is about the power of a hungry child. His tummy cries out for help awakening compassion or kagandahang-loob in the heart of every ordinary Filipino.


In our society where poverty is a day-to-day struggle, children suffer the most. Poverty impacts directly on children’s physical and intellectual growth. This is visible in the number of children who wander the streets or those who at an early age are forced to drop out of school to work to supplement their family income.

A recent study conducted by the Philippine Institute for Development Studies states that “despite the remarkable economic performance of the Philippines in recent years, poverty remains a core policy issue. And with a relatively young population, the poverty situation concerns largely children who are at the critical stages of their physical, mental and social development. The estimations show that in 2009, 13.4 millions or over a third of all children aged below 18 are living below the poverty line. Both the incidence and magnitude of poor children are increasing through the years. With the recent trend in population growth and the exposure of the country to natural calamities, we expect that the number of children in dire condition would NOT be significantly reduced within the next few years.”



We envision a country of empowered young Filipinos.


  1. We will harness the innate capability of the youth towards nation building.
  2. We will network with other organizations working in behalf of the youth.
  3. We will build an organization committed to developing the youth.
  4. We commit ourselves to spread the culture of “kagandahang loob.”