A call to make a personal advocacy for children and youth by –

  • committing to deny something of ourselves; to deny one’s need
  • share/remit the peso amount to pro-children/youth advocacies
  • post it in the Hunger Challenge website and in personal facebook account
  • inviting his/her friends to take the Hunger Challenge

Advocacies :

  • Your Kids My Kids Foundation Inc. – for supplemental feeding of severely malnourished children
  • Working Hands Scholarship Foundation Inc. - engaged in skills training scholarships for out-of-school youth
  • Catechetical and Formation Ministries for Youth – providing support to volunteers teaching poor children
  • Vocation Support-Salesian Missions – providing finanacial support for candidates to the priesthood.



  1. Choose a pro-youth/pro-children advocacy to support.
  2. Deny something of yourself. What will you be giving up?
  3. Share to the following foundations
    1. Your Kids My Kids Foundation, Inc (BDO SA#000-380-240-548)
    2. Working Hands Scholarship Foundation, Inc. (BPI SA# 0383-1319-28)
    3. Peace Works 103, Inc. (BPI CA# 1811-0010-89)
    4. Salesian Missions Inc (BDO SA# 213-00-117-44)
  4. Fill the form here

Once you have shared to your chosen advocacies:

  1. Please send us a copy of your deposit slip for acknowledgement purposes at
  2. Share your story here
  3. Invite your family and friends to take the Hunger Challenge.

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