Nakataggap po ako ng imbitasyon para sa Hunger Challenge. Sa aking pag mumuni muni pinili ko po isang bagay na sa tlagang paborito ko gawin at ito ay ang pag papapedicure at foot spa. Buwan buwan isa po ito sa bagay/gawain na hindi ko puede palagpasin. Sabi ko nga dibale ng ndi ako makapag shopping ng bagong damit o makakain sa masasarap na restaurant wag lng ang pag papapedicure at foot spa dahil gusto ko po na laging maganda ang aking paa. Pero po ang banal na espiritu na ang nagbigay daan para gawin ko ang sakripisyo para sa mahihirap na kabataan na aking tinuturuan sa Calauan.

Hunger Challenger: April 3, 2015

For us helping is a very simple word. But in my working years in a NGO company I learned a lot more the meaning of helping. It's not just giving them your excess money or things, it's also your time and extra effort to be with them. For this Hunger Challenge, I have given up the money that my husband and I spend for our payday dinner, and had committed to spend time for the feeding programs or the values formation programs.

Hunger Challenger March 14, 2015

Almost 3 years ago,I was invited by a Nun friend to join the "search in"@ the Carmelite Missionary in Calamba Laguna, without any hesitation, I joined the search in, and from then on I started to walk in a beautiful journey of life. No complains only appreciation. I have found what had been missing. I felt where i belong. My life had changed. As days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months and months into years and till this day, I became more actively joining and attending activities of Carmelite Missionaries apostolate works, and one of the many activities and apostolate is the feeding program which we do every first and 3rd Saturday of the month. Doing this apostolate gives me a different fulfillment and a different meaning of joy. That made me became better in the service of God, I commit myself to be a certified as Carmelite Missionary Secular(CMS). As I continue the journey working with my Carmelite missionary, I get to know the stories behind the innocent smiles of every kids, knowing them as we nourished their mind, body, and spirit, I feel blessed because I have the opportunity to share what I have especially, my time. Everytime I see those kids reaching for my hand and and embrace me as their way of saying thank you, It breaks my heart and made me cry, because beyond their innocent smile they have made me a better me, that inspires me and encourage me even more find ways to find someone with a generous heart to help them nourished. We are all God's children after all. I love kids even though I don't have family of my own, and kids of my own, I just love kids. And so when I got a message from Fr Armand, asking if i would like to join the Hunger Challenge #44, I answered him back "Yes Father,I'd like to join". And so I login to the website and chose "My Kids foundation" because my heart belongs to the hungry children.Testimony??? I don't know what to say, but what I am saying is based through experience. I don't give because i want an applause. I learn to give because i know how it feels of having nothing. What's a little sacrifice when you get to see less fortunate kids enjoying the food out of depriving yourself of the food you wanted to eat and you choose to save it for other people.when you see them smiles because you have nourished them I feel different, an ordinary work made everyone extraordinary feeling. There are times I see street kids begging i try to talk to them, ask them if I gave them money ano gagawin nila? They would answer me back bibili po ng pagkain..But I don't give them money instead I would buy them food..There are times i would buy value meal because I just wanted to have "fries" I would take with me the burger and gave it to any kid na nakasalubong ko sa daan whom I know gutom na gutom. Sometimes we think it just a small thing, but for them malaking bagay na. Little things could mean a lot for them. We should value everything that we have...It doesn't matter if it is great or small, after all it is between me and God.‪#‎Invest‬ in heaven...

Hunger Challenger Bernadette Aprueldo,  March 16, 2015

For two weeks of working so hard, paper works, overtime, preparing a documents, deadline etc. I will give myself a reward and since It's payday there's a lot of things I want to buy like a new stuffs or planning to eat my favorite foods so that Its will inspire me to give my best and its also help to refresh my mind but today I decided to take a challenge ! to deny myself , to have sacrifice for the sake of others, to help them in my own little way. The hunger challenge also remind me for my mission to dedicate my life for the children and youth because I believe they are our wealth and the future leaders of our country.
The money that I saved will to go My kids, Your kids Foundation.

Hunger Challenger February 28, 2015

Today is St. Patrick's Day, usually celebrated in Ireland with the shamrock said to be used by St. Patrick in explaining the mystery of the Holy Trinity. When I picked out my date, I didn't realize it's significance till I heard someone mentioned it on TV. I was wondering what I would give up for this hunger challenge to give and share to others. The most recent that happened was last Saturday, when I got reunited with old schoolmates and friends and also got to meet new friends as well. St Patrick's is a celebration, so I associate my assigned day to a celebration that happened last Saturday. A celebration of friendship that is shared in a table with friends, and since I was lucky to be the recipient of generosity , I thought that I would give the amount of the cost of the meals shared to the hunger challenge fund. And i will post the picture and this story so as to encourage and invite my friends to give and share as well. 

Hunger Challenger March 17, 2015

While Almi was talking about the hunger challenge last Feb.18, I had to admit I was only partly listening because I was already mulling over my head what to do for the hunger challenge that would be fitting for this year’s lent. Giving up comfort food and drinks wouldn’t be that much of a challenge anymore since I have done it repeatedly the past several lent. I was hoping to be inspired by listening closely to what some of the participants volunteered to do or give up that night for the hunger challenge. But nothing came to mind. One thing I was very sure of then, it wouldn’t be a onetime thing. Hence I did not pick a specific date when asked to do so.
Going home that night, someone asked me if I will take a taxi. Without thinking, I answered “hindi, para sa hunger challenge.” I was surprised with my answer because it was already a given to me that I will take a taxi that night. Sabi ko sa sarili ko, “E di hindi. Score one for the hunger challenge.” This somehow set the tone, so to speak, for my hunger challenge. Nothing planned, nothing thought out. Something spontaneous!
February 19 was a go home to Silang day. My normal route is through south superhighway via sky way to avoid the traffic. When I started my car, the hunger challenge instantly came to mind. Oh well, I told myself, “bye ..bye south super highway and sky way.. hellooo coastal road.” The toll was a lot cheaper but I was dreading the traffic. Lo and behold, traffic was moderate. After this, whenever i thought of taking the SSH via SW route, I would hear my mind say.. “ah..ah..ah.. hunger challenge.. so on to coastal road for me.” Good thing, traffic never became heavy tuwing doon ako dumadaan. Bilis ng blessing!
The hunger challenge made me said no as well to a lot of other things which surprised me because I never thought na pang hunger challenge sila like.. no to carwash (wash the car yourself), no to UV express (take the jeep or bus instead), no to taxi (whenever I thought of taking it), no to eating breakfast at Army Navy (sarap pa mandin ng longganisa nila.. bihira naman akong mag crave nito), no to a book by my favourite author at book sale store (sale na nga e.. hu hu hu baka mawala yung book!), no to nachos of Army Navy (be contented with the soup and bread for dinner.. kalabisan na ang nachos). There was this one time when I had the urge to buy flowers because I found them lovely and I was really drawn to them, a first for me at di ko halos maibaba. But I decided against buying them kasi sabi ko sa sarili ko yun ngang simbahan wala ding flowers kasi mahal na araw (“another win for the hunger challenge”)
One of the things I pray for at night before going to bed is to be granted the grace to be properly disposed to hear, acknowledge and do whatever the spirit prompts me to do. This hunger challenge made me realized that all the things I gave up this lent were promptings by the spirit. Another realization was, most of what I gave up were my comfort zones. Still another was, whenever hunger challenge would instantly rear it’s head in my mind napapangiti ako. So maraming beses na exercise ang smile muscles ng mukha ko.
Finally, I was able to save a total of Php2,500.00 (already rounded off) which I’m donating to Calauan Catechetical.
All these for the Glory of GOD!
A blessed easter everyone!

Hunger Challenger mpazkrd

Saturday is a lazy day for me for so a long time. But when the Don Bosco priests ask our community Yuppeace (now Peaceworks103) to be with the Calauan kids, my 3rd Saturday was no longer a lazy day but a Hunger Challenge Day. Need to wake up as early as 4am to prepare for a 6am trip to Calauan, Laguna. Not counting lesser sleep the previous night as to have the lesson plan arranged for the kids. This catechetical volunteer work has been graced for almost 5 years. This has made me be thankful for my parents who have brought me to Catholic schools from elementary to college for they have given me foundations to my faith. And with this chance of giving back to the Calauan kids even just for 3 hours, hope I can share my faith with them.

Hunger Challenger March 19, 2015

I would normally do my penance during the Lenten Season by depriving myself of something I would love doin..watching movies, eating at my fave restos or shopping. I would also discipline myself to buy and patronize pinoy products and spend my holy week with my family. But this year, it was different. I did beyond what was required of me as a Catholic: pray, fast and almsgiving. I started the 40 days a day earlier when i received a text informing me that my brother was in big trouble. On Ash Wednesday, I didn’t have to fast because I can’t remember if I had eaten that day (Oh yes, I remember, I ate lugaw). For 40 days, all I did was to trust God that everything will be okay.
I was assigned to take the Hunger Challenge last March 26 and I didn’t have to deprive myself of something because for 40 days, I have been doin it... I have to and I need to. The unexpected bills I have to pay which my family is depending on me. But this does not hinder me from sharing and giving back to the young people whom I have been sent since I joined Yuppeace now Peaceworks. I still thank God for my family, relatives, true friends and officemates who have been with me all this time. As I join Jesus in his passion, I embrace the cross that I am carrying now and I believe it will come to pass. I look forward to His resurrection and to celebrate Easter with these kids who have been part of my life since 2010. Yes I will rejoice..I am an Easter girl!

Hunger Challenger Avic Vera

Craving to eat at Korea Garden, decided to pass and deposited to Hunger Challenge account for Calauan - Catechetical and Formation Ministries for Youth.

Hunger Challenger February 24, 2015

I challenged myself to avoid the convenience of getting up late in the morning. Why? Because as part of the public riding community, it takes longer hours to reach your destination. To spend long hours queuing up to get to my destination sometimes under the heat of the sun coupled with smoke belchers having their field day around the metropolis, immersing myself in choosing public transportation with all the unmentionable inconveniences and denying the comforts of grabbing a taxi is a test to my patience. The immersion of commuting with the public brings to mind the long forgotten transient /short term community happening inside the jeep. "Paki abot bayad......Bayad po......" If you sit near the driver's side, you assume the job of passing the fare to the driver and the change to the passengers. You are part of the system and get to extend yourself briefly to serve to people around. The Hunger Challenge takes you to a deeper level of serving the community.
I am donating my share to the Catechetical and Formation Ministries for Youth.

Hunger Challenger March 29, 2015

Since last Monday, I started to attend the 12:15pm Mass at St. John Don Bosco. Yesterday morning, I dye my hair but not in a beauty salon who usually did my hair dye, pedicure & treding of my eyebrow, I done it by myself. Instead of paying the salon I will share my savings in one of the Hunger Challenge suggested foundation for their projects. May God bless us all.

Hunger Challenger Edwina Orejas 

Everytime I pass by Osmena Highway going to UST, my heart breaks when I see street children begging for alms. In a small amount of money, they take the risk, loitering the busy highway and waited for the traffic light to turn red.
Almost the size of a newborn baby, their parents allow them to work by offering carwash or knocking at the car windows for change.
I can't stop myself from thinking, how blessed my own children are. Thank God that they have parents who take good care of their needs. They have their father and mother who love them unconditionally.
But we should do something NOW before it's too late, to offer our helping hands to those street children because eventually one of them might become a criminal or an enemy of the society.
What if one day, one of my children or yours happen to be their victim?
Until one Sunday, our family joined the "Hunger Challenge" group organized by Fr. Armand Robleza. With the advocacy of improving and uplifting the situation of these children.
My family didn't hesitate to take part of the advocacy. We gave up our usual family Sunday dinning. This little sacrifice can result to a BIG change.
Now we have an idea where we can entrust our little help for these children.

Hunger Challenger: Nimfa Pineda

It's been a hobby of mine to watch movies. I could watch 2 movies at the mall in just a day. I wouldn't get tired of watching movies. It's my stress reliever from work. I could watch earliest in the morning to even the last full show at 12 midnight. And you know how much it costs to watch a movie in Greenbelt3. Till one day, Fr. Armand invited me for a dinner to talk about this Hunger Challenge. And immediately when I heard about it and challenged me to deny something, I immediately thought about my obsession with movies. In a month, I could actually watch 4 movies.
So this lent, after the launching of Hunger Challenge, I already committed myself to deny something. I already promised myself to not spend money on watching movies and instead, would give the saved money to my fellow youth members. This coming May, there will be a nationwide leadership camp in Don Bosco Technology Center in Cebu City. This is part of the celebration of the 200th Bicentennial birth of St. John Bosco. And in our parish, we have 9 outstanding youth leaders to represent St. John Bosco Parish Makati's Parish Youth Ministry. And due to lack of funds, I will be donating the saved money for the expense (i.e. Airfare, Registration, Emergency Money).

Hunger Challenger March 27, 2015

Curious about what I did for Hunger Challenge. Simple. I did not wait for March 24 which is my assigned date. One day, I cancelled my manicure & pedicure appointment which is regularly scheduled every Saturday afternoon. My daughter was surprised why the manicurist did not arrive. Told her.... it’s HUNGER CHALLENGE. Usually, I pay for 2 passengers at the shuttle van in going home for convenience reason, when I took the HUNGER CHALLENGE, I paid for one seat and donated the amount for the 2nd seat to HUNGER CHALLENGE. One lunch time at the office, I craved for chocolate sundae and siopao, I decided not buy and instead add up to my Hunger Challenge fund.
I nominate my colleagues at the League of Executive Assistants of the Philippines, Inc. (LEAP) to take the HUNGER CHALLENGE. We agreed to donate the funds to the Salesian Missions, Inc. to show our gratitude for the time and efforts of the priests in evangelizing the word of God and teaching the youth to become model servant leaders of our society.
I thank God for all the blessings that our family is continuously receiving and it is just fair that I also share these blessings to our needy brothers and sisters. HUNGER CHALLENGE opened my heart to see and feel my blessings. It was a delightful experience to join HUNGER CHALLENGE and I encourage you to join the group. Generosity invites more blessings. So, come on and join me in this HUNGER CHALLENGE.

Hunger Challenger, Liz Robleza-Fernandez

Vice or Luxury - A meal to me is not complete without my cup of coffee. It must be my kind of coffee. A meal at the canteen would become bearable if I had my coffee. It is hard to break my coffee dependence especially when I'm at the office, you're not allowed a lot of downtime. Coffee, sweet, creamy and hot, gives me that jolt of energy to wake me up. For this lenten season, everytime I crave for the cup of java, I will put it in a fund for the Your Kids My Kids foundation.
By denying myself of my vice/luxury, I am reminded of how difficult it is to subjugate the body, to conquer complacency and to commit to an improvement. I realized how hard it is to kick a habit. I hope to learn a little bit more about patience, sacrifice and humility this lenten season as it is really hard to change, even if you know it is for a better version of yourself.

Hunger Challenger March 12, 2015

My March 18 began very early - with having to wake up at 430 am to bring my son to Xavier School for his trip to Singapore. It was a day that began in sacrificing for a loved one, a son. I guess that day spelled how the rest of the day was going to be. Giving up one's comfort whatever it is, another hour of sleep, a cup of coffee, a meal, a piece of clothing, an article of capricho. I believe the hunger challenge more importantly teaches us to put ourselves in the shoes of the other person - in my case, that morning, the shoes of my son. He was going to Singapore for a week with classmates - yes it was going to be "fun" and hard work but more importantly there was a sense of fear of the unknown? insecurity and maybe being the one to bring him to school that early morning the not the driver meant more to him because he was assured that even if he had "fears" about his trip - his mother was around -- his mother cared enough to wake up with him - to be with him -- and maybe that is what compassion means --to be with....

Hunger Challenger March 18, 2015

Araw araw po akong bumibimili ng Milk Tea at "Kwek - kwek" pero yesterday instead of buying those foods itutulong ko nalang yung pera na pambibili ko nun sa mga batang mas nangangailangan.

- Ritz

I have always tried to give up something during the Lenten season. My joining the Hunger Challenge allowed me to take my little lenten sacrifices a step further, by making a donation to the needy.

Before joining the hunger challenge, I was set on buying a blouse and pair of shoes, nothing really expensive, but stuff I wanted to wear to my daughter's HS graduation. I justified that it was for a special occasion anyway. When I read about the hunger challenge and decided to join, I resolved not to buy the blouse and shoes. It is only a little sacrifice on my part, as I realized I don't really need to buy them... It was definitely a want more than a need. I know that the money I set aside for the foundation I chose will be of better use to the kids of the foundation. Thank you for inviting me to take the challenge.

- Hunger Challenger: Dina, March 11, 2015

I am currently having my board exam review and I am always busy 24/7 from work to review center.
Last feb 22, Sunday, instead of going out with friends and watch a movie to let my stress out due to my hectic schedule at work and my board exam review, I chose to stay at home and consider to donate the saved amount.
I hope in that small amount I can share my blessings ~ the gift of education.
May I request also for your prayers for me to pass the upcoming architectural board exam.
Thank you! God Bless!

Hunger Challenger Date: February 22, 2015

On this day would have been the 85th birthday of Mama but who is now in Heaven. Also, On this day, in honor of her i am giving my salary for today to a family who is making it hard to make both ends meet. We thought of Mama before as "pakialamera", a person who always know better than the others. We were wrong, she just wanted to help make other peoples lives better, for their children to grow up better persons. There are times we wonder "bakit wala siyang pera?" naibigay na pala sa iba. Our relatives and neighbors are part of our family budget pala. They get allocation from Mama especially for their children's schooling. Recipient of my salary for today is a family who is struggling to send her children to school. For their "baon". Recently, we learned that one of our retired neighbors also did what Mama is doing. She is now regularly helping a family like what Mama did. And she even told us, "Ang ganda ng ginagawa ng Mama nyo, gagawin ko rin".

- Hunger Challenger Date: March 4, 2015

I will support HASHTAG44. I will send my check for deposit. I will pass this on to my staff. God bless us all always!

- Anna

I took the hunger challenge last February 21, 2015, a Saturday. A day wherein, I together with my officemates are scheduled to go out and have fun. I was also supposed to go out with my family that day. I can still remember when I draw my scheduled date from the brown bag and upon seeing what’s written on the unfolded paper, the woman told me “Hala, ilang days from now na lang yan. Kaya mo ba?”. I just looked at the woman and told her yes, thinking that as if I have a choice. But in the end, I actually do have a choice and it is “to do it or not?”. The group won’t even know if I’ve really done it but then I’m not only fooling the people around me but myself and of course God. So I chose to do it. Honestly, it was kinda hard. Its like depriving yourself of something that you’ve long waited for. Our day out was already planned a week ago and I have to cancel it because I’ve chosen to do the hunger challenge. Yes, for sure I already missed the fun they had and as well as their bonding. Yung pagtingin mo sa facebook eh may mga nakapost na ng picture kung san sila nagpunta at kung anong ginawa nila. But thinking that you will be able to help children, I think that’s worth it. Ano ba naman yung konting sakripisyo kung kapalit naman nun ay yung pagtulong at saya na maidudulot mo sa tutulungan mo. Mahirap pero alam mo yung in the end may kabuluhan yung ginagawa mo, na alam mong worth it. Kaya umuwi na lang ako sa bahay after office hours saka natulog.

- Hunger Challenger Date: February 21, 2015

Guys, this one was sent by a friend doing the Hunger Challenge.

I am sure i need a new pair of shoes, i mean, a pair on reserve. I have only one good pair as of now; my other pair gave up on my feet two weeks ago. As a full-blooded male, i spend generously when it comes to shoes, ones i can really trust, and of course feel proud wearing around. I don't keep many pairs, just a couple I can interchange, but oh boy, they've got to be BRANDED!

Thanks, Father A for sending me the HUNGER CHALLENGE notice a couple of days ago. I guess I'll just bring my shoes to Mr Quickie for new soles, instead of acquiring a new pair. Huhuhu. That will be a couple of thousand bucks saved and given--ehem, generously--to Your Kids My Kids Foundation Inc.

Funny, it is only now i noticed that Jesus on the cross has no shoes. quite embarrassing though for me.

God bless. Oh by the way, I will be inviting my other dabarkads to join HASHTAG44 this Lenten season.

- Fr. Armand

I will take the Hunger Challenge and will donate whatever amount i will save from not shopping for myself, for giving up wine and meat all throughout lent.

- Ms. Alice

Being too busy at work makes me sick and tired of it that's why i always make it a point that every weekend, after work, i go party with my friends, went to a bar or simply chill with them, take some shot and drink with them.

You know, its like having the time of your life and regaining the social life that you've been missing during weekdays. This has been my compensatory mechanism since last year. And it really works for me.

It just so happened that on the lottery i got the challenge dated on weekend. Oh men! I actually had a scheduled date with friends that day after work. But i didnt show up and continue working instead for an o.t.

I then realize the feeling that maybe like what the street pips feels almost everyday. Cause they dont go to party, they cant afford it. They work to live while me, i work to live.... and party. Well i guess giving this thing up once in a while and giving the money saved to them from partying would at least help. Even just a little at least i know it will help. :)

- Ramel Andrada

Some renovations are currently going on in my office and that of an adjacent one. My office TV has been graciously relocated to the refurbished training room... waaah. And i bumped into this brand new TV set-a bit smaller though-but it comes with a very considerate price tag. It will suit perfectly in my office. I love following important unfolding national events in real time. It could also serve as a nice gadget that will update the office. I gotta get that TV! But ooops, the Hunger Challenge beckons. I can live without the TV; hungry children cannot live without food in their mouths. Well, i guess it's not even a choice; but a commitment that was made. Let go the TV! Feed the children! The amount will go to the Your Kids My Kids Foundation Inc [BDO SA 000-380-240-548] which caters to feeding hungry children. Yes, I TOOK THE HUNGER CHALLENGE. And I nominate the members the board of the Your Kids My Kids Foundation to take likewise the Hunger Challenge: Atty Tito Bundang, Mady Fernandez, Ethel Trinidad, I-Anne Alvarez, Merci Guilas, and Madz Nayve. Push n'yo yan!

-Fr. Armand

I used to think that holidays are made for teachers. After a long tiring work these past few days in school ( checking of test papers, school reports, daily lesson plan, teaching preparation, and teaching itself) hay nakakapagod ang sakit sa katawan. Today I'm thinking to have a 1 1/2 hour full body massage with ventosa. And since it's a holiday, it's a great day for a massage. Massage is a luxury I can't afford to miss today. Every 2 weeks I see to it that I could feel the plesure of relaxation. Massage day is my favorite day of the week. I believe that I could actually be more productive (more calmer, more focused, more happier) if I could get a relaxing massage.

But today I choose not to go to the massage parlor. Instead, makikiisa ako sa mga workers na need magtrabaho today, not because they have no choice but because they choose to work to earn money for their love ones. Today I gave free tutorial service sa dalawang bata na umaattend sa Sunday Catechism namin. I found out na they are having a hard time reading kaya nagstop na sila sa studies nila. Nung tinuturuan ko sila ayaw nila kaya naglaro muna kami pero afterwards aun naturuan ko narin sila mahirap pero it's a challenge that I will face. It may take more than 44 days but I know it's all worth it pag nakabasa na sila.

The money that I saved will go to the foundation that supports the catechist in their missionary work. #44

- Joey Anne Tenorio

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